Good humans + Smart technology

revology’s vision is built out of real-world, provider-side experience. Our team has collectively spent more than 100 years running portions of revenue cycle for more than 130 health systems.

We have a deep understanding because we’ve been there. That’s how we know that yesterday’s tried- and-true methods are no longer enough. Baby boomers are retiring—taking their knowledge and experience with them—just when hiring is harder and more expensive than ever. Payers are putting up new barriers to avoid or delay paying claims. Razor-thin hospital margins mean that RCM teams must lower their cost to collect while simultaneously improving collections performance.

A fundamentally new, future-forward solution is urgently needed. We’re on a mission — building smart technology with security in mind to bring more revenue back to revenue cycle management.

Experienced team

Collectively our team has run all aspects of RCM for 130+ health systems.

Unique approach

We believe that human beings are at the heart of revenue cycle.

Courageous culture

Everything we’ve learned about the industry is embedded in revology.