A unique offering

We believe that human beings – both patients and professionals – will always be at the heart of revenue cycle.

There is no solution without service

Everything we do begins with our people. We work together to provide exceptional service to our customers to help you get the process – and the results – you want.


Our team is an extension of yours

  • We have created best practice workflow strategies to navigate the complexities and pitfalls of revenue cycle management.
  • We overcome payer challenges working side by side with our clients.
  • We can help in the daily grind of claims follow-up or the occasional – but traumatizing – system conversion.

We use our own technology, built by revenue cycle professionals – for revenue cycle professionals. Appropriately named for the Greek goddess of growth, auxo is designed to help healthcare organizations break through conventional barriers and drive a higher standard of revenue cycle performance.

  • Coding
  • Insurance follow up
  • End-to-end RCM Services
  • RCM leadership

Tech smart from the start

Everything we learned about the industry – and the way it should work – is embedded in our tech. Auxo uses machine learning and analytics, refreshing claims daily to ensure that each day’s work is focused on the highest value claims, and to keep your team focused on the activities that align best to your strategy.

With auxo you gain:

  • Unparalleled transparency into work strategy, team and individual performance
  • Consolidated EHR and payer website information in a single, delightful workspace
  • Next-generation tech for an evolving workforce
  • Ability to keep pace with an ever-changing payor environment

Auxo makes it possible to launch your workflow strategy easily and consistently across an entire workforce. By taking out the guesswork of what claim to work next, our smart technology empowers your team to be more efficient and engaged while outlining the steps to ensure each claim is paid. It’s flexible, secure and it’s wrapped up in a gamified interface built for the evolving workforce.

We can serve up a slice or the entire pie

Whether you fully outsource your RCM work, need help in a certain area, have a project, or are looking for thoughtfully designed technology to support your team -- we are here to help.

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