We believe in culture - not culture fit

We encourage every single revologist to bring their unique perspective, lived experience and authentic selves to the table. Snatch that mic*. Choose your song. Let’s make magic. *Or, cheer on fellow revologists from the audience. You do you.

What is a revologist?

rev = revenue cycle
ologist = an expert
revologist = revenue cycle expert

Our Values

Guiding principles. North stars. Foundational beliefs. Call them what you may – know that these statements shape not what we do, but how we do it.

Build a bigger table

We invite others in. We make room. There is a seat for everyone at the revology table. This ethos applies to all we serve – our customers, our revologists, our communities. We are artisans – building an effortless revenue cycle and a bigger table, together.

Elegance in simplicity

The space in which we serve is complicated. The customers we work for are inundated with regulation, data and the incredible responsibility of community wellness. We believe that less can be more. Simple can be significant. Simple can be the ultimate sophistication.

Courage over comfort

It takes heart and hustle to be a part of the revology team. We have a bias for action and a safe space for challenging the status quo. We believe in failing fabulously and trying again. A wild ride? Yes. Worth it? Without a doubt. Grab your wings. Let’s fly.

Express your inner ________

This one is up to you. At revology, we believe in unity over uniformity. So, we’re passing the keyboard to you. Be you, bravely. We can’t wait to see how you contribute to the identity of revology.

Who are revologists?

revologists are curious. revologists are kind. revologists work together towards the common goals of exceptional service to our customers and creating a workplace worth caring about. revologists embody a spirit of service and embrace a mindset of courage and progress.

revologists cringe at statements such as “not my job”, “wasn’t me” or “who cares?”. We do. We care. And, we believe that the health and harmony of the team is everyone’s job. The result is a pretty fantastic place to work that we are doggedly proud (and protective!) of.

So there you have it. Good humans doing exceptional work, together. That is revology.

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