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good humans + smart technology = revology

our roots

An effortless revenue cycle. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Or at least a starry-eyed vision. Indeed, vision it is – revology’s vision. And starry-eyed? Well, it takes a whole lot of enthusiasm and innovation, guided by practical realities, to be truly transformative. Don’t confuse us with dreamers – we are builders.


revology’s vision was borne out of real world experience. We build upon our team’s experience founding, leading and growing a nationally-recognized and awarded outsourced revenue cycle services firm as we launch the revology journey. We take from our experience a proclivity for service to healthcare organizations, a mission to bring real world solutions and the grit to get it done.

meet the team

chris klitgaard chief executive officer
chief euphemism officer chris klitgaard
michelle bates chief innovation officer
chief jeep officer michelle bates
rachel trevizo chief operating officer
karaoke legend rachel trevizo
dan krzmarzick chief financial officer
DANK dan krzmarzick
terry reinsager chief transformation officer
rookie hiker terry reinsager