the revology experience.

the difference

tech smart, from the start

At revology, we get it, because we lived it. Good humans + smart technology converge to reach their highest potential and maximize outcomes.

revology knows that humans will continue to play a critical role throughout revenue cycle and the technology we develop needs to support them in this effort. Too often, disparate technologies and workflows inhibit efficiency and performance.

data analytics and insights + revcycle application powered by intelligent automation provide a seamless experience and solution for our clients and revenue cycle professionals.

Service to customers is in our DNA and comes in a variety of forms. It can take the shape of an outsourced services contract for your most pressing AR needs while allowing the revology solution to continuously be iterated and poised to withstand the rigor of real world deployment. revology will continue to be the steward of the technology solution which allows you to increasingly benefit from enhancements rather than be left in the dark to capture ROI and value potential on your own.

An effortless revenue cycle experience doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by design.
Let’s build, together.

our solution.

revology is focused on the sweet spot between your already-established systems, the workforce (yours and ours!) and the revology technology solution. A powerful analytics engine, intelligent automation, and a sophisticated user experience converge to bring real intelligence and efficiency to your revenue cycle.

data analytics and insights

A modern and purposeful cloud-based data infrastructure enabling advanced analytics and a platform for data science and machine learning.

intelligent automation

Attended and unattended cloud automation which can run in the background or be initiated at a revenue cycle representative’s direction.

revcycle application

AR worklists powered by data science – presenting to revenue cycle representatives actionable insights alongside the specific claims that need their attention today.

good humans

We believe that human beings – both patients and professionals – will always be at the heart of revenue cycle.